About Optical Society of San Diego

The purpose of the OSSD is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among professionals and students, in the field of optics and related disciplines. Also to encourage and assist, when possible, the interest in optics, education in optics and selection of optics as a career, and to represent the optics community to the public.

OSSD Wins Local Section Excellence Award

The Optical Society of San Diego was honored with the first local section excellence award (for sections with less than 65 members) at the OSA annual meeting held in Providence, RI. (October 2000) They were judged to be the chapter with the best program and educational outreach activities overall. They received a plaque and a $1000 prize. Thanks to all the active members who helped achieve this distinction.

OSSD Membership Request

Help promote their efforts to foster a forum for the optics community here in San Diego. The OSA's membership council administrator has called them "one of the most active local sections of the Optical Society of America in the country." In their all-volunteer organization, your membership dues are used to provide the means for the volunteers to produce the meetings, and to sponsor educational outreach activities. For example, every year they sponsor awards for the best optics project at the San Diego Science and Engineering Fair, as well as an optics workshop at the annual San Diego Science Educator Association Conference. As a member, you will receive their meeting announcements via mail and their membership directory. Thank you for your support.

History: The Optical Society of America was founded in 1916 by the Rochester local section. The formation of the Society was motivated in large part by a need to bring together a fragmented industrial and academic group of people with common interests in the field of optics. While a major part of this was fulfilled by the creation of the Society’s journal and later publications, the personal interactions brought about through local section activities were also deemed important and necessary. Strong local sections were a goal of the founders, and they were explicitly included in the original by-laws. Local sections did not proliferate in the early history of the Society in large part due to a limited number of people working in the field. During the middle of the 20th Century, an increase in local sections re-invigorated an ailing national society and helped to preserve unity within the optics community. Many local sections created during this period were formed around specific areas of expertise within a region. As the field of optics has grown, the original motivation for the Rochester section is more germane than ever: to bring together a regional group with a diversity of interests around the common theme of optics.

Preamble: The Optical Society of America has its roots in the programs and efforts of local sections. The activities of local section members are essential for the larger society to fulfill its mission to increase and diffuse knowledge of optics as well as encourage cooperation among and promote the common interests of individuals in pursuit of that knowledge. Local sections play an important role in bringing together optics professionals and enthusiasts within a geographic region. Local section members volunteer their time to share their skills and their joy in optics with the broader community on a personal level. No other activity of the Society is as effective at engaging the general public. The Optical Society of America is committed to the support and growth of its Local Sections.

Mission: The Optical Society of America’s mission in advancing local sections is to encourage autonomous organizations that promote and fulfill the mission, aim, and purpose of the national Society in a manner that best serves their own members and regions. Local Sections further the objectives of the national Society by:

1) Organizing regular meetings that serve to
A) Disseminate information about optics and the Society.
B) Share knowledge among section members and guests.
C) Promote collaboration and common optical activities within the region.
D) Provide lectures, workshops, site visits, and other programs that broaden the experience and knowledge of local section members.

2) Organizing local section projects in outreach and education on the subject of optics.

3) Bringing together optics professionals, students, and enthusiasts to create a sense of community.

4) Organizing and participating in regional events that promote optics such as conferences, seminars, workshops, trade shows, and career forums.

5) Serving as local representatives to the general public, media, government, industry, and academia for the Society.

6) Instilling the desire for and appreciation of excellence within all the branches of optics.

7) Encouraging membership in the Society.

8) Promoting diversity within the field of optics with regard to gender, ethnicity, education, professional development, and historically under-represented groups.

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